Social Work/Social Welfare

Council on Social Work Education

Welfare Information Network

Asset Based Community Development Institute

Assessing the New Federalism

Institute for Research on Poverty

National Center on Poverty Law

National Urban League

Census Bureau Poverty Information

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Urban Institute

Welfare Reform Academy-University of Maryland

World Wide Web Resources for Social Workers

Association for Community Organization and Social Administration

Children’s Defense Fund

Child Watch International Research Network

Comparative Research on Poverty

Designing and Marketing your Nonprofit

Tools for Empowerment

Global Policy Forum

Influencing State Policy

International Federation of Social Workers

International Service Agencies

Nonprofit Fundraising and Grantwriting

Save the Children

The International Council on Social Welfare

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Wealth and Poverty Links-Oregon State University

Wasting Money on Privatization

Poverty Statistics-US Census Bureau

White Privilege-Robert Jensen

The New Social Worker’s Career Center

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